Dromedary, Mount: 28 December 2012

Dromedary track
GPS Track to Mount Dromedary

Well, seeing I started with Platform Peak, it only makes sense to write up the walk to Mount Dromedary too. I did this in a couple of hours after work on 28 December 2013. The approach is as described in the Platform Peak post, and you take the same 4wd track. However you keep heading east where on the approach to Platform Peak you turn left and head north.

Views from Dromedary
Views from Dromedary

The road is well defined all the way to Dromedary, and while you have a choice between whether you want to head south and then east, or keep heading east then south (see map), I’d recommend heading east then south as you don’t loose as much height that then has to be regained. I also can’t speak for the state of the track if you take the other path.

Plaque on Summit of Mount Dromedary
Plaque on summit of Mount Dromedary

When you’re a tad below due west from Dromedary there’s two pink tapes marking the pad to the top. It’s well marked with tape and cairns, and it’s only possible to get lost if you’re not paying attention. However, take note of where you come up because there’s a few other marked pads from the summit and I don’t know exactly where they’ll take you!

You’ll definitely know when you’re on top, cos there’s a plaque that reads “Dromedary”! There’s little available water up there, so make sure you take enough. The walk took me 2 hrs and 50 minutes, moving relatively fast, but after 8 hours of physical work.

All up: 2.53hrs, 13.5km, 656m ascent.

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