Hobbs, Mt: 19 December 2012

Hobbs Road

Hobbs Road

This was a ‘oh I might duck up a mountain after work and before visiting mum’ kind of walk. I was under the impression it would be a quick 10 minute duck up to the high point… ‘provided’ I could find the road. I didn’t worry too much about that because the maps on my gps showed two possible ways up, so I drew rough tracks to follow, thinking surely one of them would be the right road.

Hobbs GPS Track

Hobbs GPS Track

To get to the start, I drove out through Sorell, to Runnymede, and turned left into Woodsdale road. I continued along that for some time before turning right onto the gravel/dirt road that is Mount Hobbs Road (see Hobbs Road map).

Hobbs Better Route (?)

Hobbs Better Route (?)

As luck would have it, or misfortune perhaps, neither was what I think must have been the ‘right’ road. The first I’d expected to come across was completely non existent as I drove past, expecting to see it branching off from the right.. all there was was grass, thistles and a fence. So I decided the second route I had mapped out must work, and I drove a little further until I came to a locked gate. I parked the car, and headed off on foot. It involved circling round the eastern side of Hobbs, and all was well for a short while (see Hobbs Track map).

Hobbs Summit

Hobbs Summit

Then the road completely petered out, and I was walking through openish forest. It wasn’t bad going, apart from some stinging nettle like plants that gave me tingly legs for the next day or so, so I gave up trying to find the road and eventually headed straight up. A tiny bit of scrambling over rock and I was on top of a less than impressive summit, but a summit nonetheless. And the discovery that the road I was probably supposed to come up on was the one that winded it’s way up from the south.. at least from the top it looked like a very decent road, used to service all the electronics up there (see Hobbs Possible Route map).

Given the car was on the opposite side, I thought I’d try the other supposed road back down, and found that while it most certainly wasn’t a road anymore, it was very easy going. So my 10 minutes turned into more than an hour, but at least I felt I earned the 1 point!

All up: 4.8km, 1.12hrs, 347m ascent.


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