Lloyd, Mt: 15 December 2012

Mt Lloyd Road

Mt Lloyd Road

Plans to get my 100 points fell through at the last minute (4am on the morning of) so, sitting on 97 points, I decided to check out Mount Lloyd, followed by Snowy South (saved for another post).

Lloyd GPS Track

Lloyd GPS Track

To get to Lloyd, you head out just past New Norfolk, and turn left onto Glenfern road, which is signposted with a Mt Lloyd sign. After about 2.7km from the start of Glenfern road, turn right onto Mt Lloyd road. I initially tried to turn onto Crosswells road, thinking it would get me closer to the summit, but there’s a locked gate looking like it leads onto someone’s private property so I turned back and followed Mt Lloyd road round until I was just north of true west of the peak. There is a road that goes to the summit from the southeast, but I wasn’t sure if it was locked.

Lloyd Summit in Mist

Lloyd summit in mist

From where I started I followed a dirt road east then south, until I was directly west of the peak, then just headed straight up through very easy to push through scrub, if indeed scrub is the word to use. For anyone going this way, as you approach the last hundred metres of the summit, don’t go straight at it, as you’ll come hard up against a cliff. Head slightly south, and you’ll find a way to clamber up and approach the summit from the south. Not sure what the views are like, as I didn’t have any, and I only took the one photo shown here (latest update, a return visit with a friend produced the view below.. not much, but better than the first time)!

View from Mt Lloyd (taken on a different occasion)

View from Mt Lloyd (taken on a different occasion)

Back in the car by 9.30 and on the way to Snowy South.

All up: 4.2km, 1.49hrs, 456m ascent.


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