Riveaux, Mt: 17 November 2012

Riveaux GPS Track

Riveaux GPS Track

This was one of the ‘three musketeer’s’ escapes. After having done Picton the month before, we decided to explore nearby Riveaux. The directions to get to the start are quite similar to those to Picton.

Forest on way to Riveaux

Forest on way to Riveaux

In essence, take the Huon Highway to Geeveston, where you turn right into Arve Road and drive towards the Tahune Air Walk. One kilometre before the Air Walk turn left into Picton Road, and follow it till it branches to East and West Picton Road. Take the right fork to stay on West Picton Road. And after passing the Quarry take another right onto Riveaux road. Drive along Riveaux road until you get to a locked gate. Continue to walk along the road until you come to 55G472253 5226960, where there’s (pink?) tapes and I think, a cairn (see Picton map).

Summit of Riveaux

Summit of Riveaux. We spent a bit of time just sitting, chatting and sharing food

You follow a not too distinct a pad pretty much straight up the obvious spur, in open forest at first (see photo). Towards the top, and you can see the dark green section on the map (see Riveaux Track map), it gets scrubbier with bauera and cutting grass. It lasts a little longer than you’d expect, and quite close to the summit you end up popping out on top of rock and you know you’re within reach. In fact, just round the corner! Definitely needs to be done on a good day, or it could be quite an unrewarding walk. We just sat and talked on the summit for an hour, enjoying the surrounding ranges and each other’s company.

Riveaux mushrooms

Riveaux mushrooms


2 thoughts on “Riveaux, Mt: 17 November 2012

  1. Hi there – I am doing a research project in this area and would really appreciate the GPS track for this Mt Riveaux walk, might you be willing to share this with me?


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