Rats Castle: 15 January 2013

Rats Castle GPS track

Rats Castle GPS track

This was the last of the four peaks we were to do in the two days we had, but a bit of a twinge in a knee meant it was just two of us who went up. And as with the other three peaks, and the whole trip in general, it was delightful. Scree for about 90% of the way meant I was thoroughly at home, and the weather and views weren’t too hard to cope with either. Much better than the rain and light snow we’d encountered the last time I attempted Rats Castle after having done Quamby!

Rats Castle view

Rats Castle view

Directions are as in the Abels, and as long as you can see, it’s not too hard to go wrong. There’ also a nice little log book up top to peruse through. It took us two hours up, and a bit over two back, with a few comfort stops thrown in for an upset tummy.

If you like rock-hopping, this one is a must!

Scree on the way back

Scree on the way back

All up: 8.3km, 4.12hrs, 425m ascent.


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