Split Rock: 14 January 2013

Split Rock GPS track

Split Rock GPS track

Two days off, a really great friend or two, nice leisurely starts, four peaks and a waterfall. We started this one with a drive up mid morning, starting our first walk up Split Rock at 11.45. It’s not hard to get to, just straight up to Liawanee and a left turn shortly afterwards onto an increasingly overgrown 4wd track for a short distance. I think the Abels has a description.

Carpark and Split Rock

Carpark and Split Rock

We then continued along the track, and as it petered out we basically made our way up to the summit, trying to avoid the scrub and stick to rock. Didn’t do such a good job on the way up, much better on the way back!

Light scrub on the way up

Light scrub on the way up

Finding the high point was a tad interesting, as I had one point marked on my gps, but looking across identified another as a possible high point, with a rock cairn and a great big stick sticking out of it! So we headed out there first, but just to be sure also ducked across to the point I had down as the high point.

On the Split Rock summit with the cairn

On the Split Rock summit with the cairn

Managed to follow the rock most of the way back down, and decided to take to the more open green bits lower down rather than find the 4wd track again. It proved a good decision. Back at the car at 3.30, we had a quick bite to eat and decided to move on to the next climb: Projection.

All up: 6.8km, 4.25hrs, 408m ascent.


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