Barrow, Mt: 2 April 2013

Mt Barrow GPS track

Mt Barrow GPS track

The final day of my Easter escape, and I awoke early, wishfully hoping that the mist might have been blown far away with all the wind the night before. No such luck. I figured it’d take it’s time to clear, and I wanted to be back to Hobart earlish, so I headed up Mt Barrow in the mist. For what was supposed to be the easiest walk of the weekend, it was probably the most challenging. I couldn’t see more than 10-20 metres ahead, so had only a rough indication of which direction to head in, and wasn’t even sure which road the Abels referred to in its directions!

Barrow summit

Barrow summit

After a bit of stuffing around, I eventually realised it was the path that goes tightly along the left hand side of the house-like building that’s there, and from there on I had some idea of what I was doing. I headed up the steps and got to the locked gate. Figured that was the end of the path, and took to the rock and scrub.. realising only after I had regained the path some time later that I could have made only a 2 metre detour and been back on the other side of the gate.. woops, but I made sure that’s how I came back down.

From there it’s really not difficult to get to the summit.. just follow the ridge along.. word of warning, the rock has plenty of black slippery stuff on it.. in the rain it pays to take care or you’ll know about it!

Road through scree, on the way down

Road through scree, on the way down

I took a lot longer than I expected for the whole walk, a total of 40 minutes, which I imagine could be a lot shorter if you could see where you were going, and if it wasn’t wet. Wouldn’t have minded the view of the other Abels from Barrow, but you can’t have everything, and I’m not sure if I’ll be back to that one any time soon.

Anyway, typically, after descending a short distance down the bends in the car, sure enough the floor of the cloud just disappeared and I was in sunshine, and could see the vast scree field I must have driven through the night before! Certainly prefer to walk rather than drive through scree fields :p!

I continued to drive on to Mt Arthur, for the final walk of the trip.. read on here :).

All up: 1.8km, 40min, 117m ascent.


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