Victoria, Mt: 1 April 2013

Mt Victoria GPS route

Mt Victoria GPS route

This was the next mountain to climb for me for the Easter weekend, and the weather seemed to mirror my mood. The misty clouds started to drift in, and as I tried to race them to the summit I knew I stood no chance. It’s funny, being an introvert I am often surprised by how much I enjoy being with, and often long for, the company of really good friends. I was also struck by the joy and laughter a child can bring, and it’s absence when they’re gone. So I was feeling a tad lonely as I raced up, but paradoxically grateful for the company I had had. As I neared the summit the mist was all around me, and once again it was just me, off in my little misty bubble, miniscule in the scheme of things.. it was almost as if in that moment in time, there was no one in my world, and I was in no one else’s.

Grassy pad through nice.. stuff :p!

Grassy pad through nice.. stuff :p!

Anyway, I digress. The track up is nice and easy to follow. It starts out in quite open forest, myrtle, before breaking out into some kind of shoulder to head high trees with orange and red flowers, which made me smile. It’s quite an interesting track here, as it’s grass!! Walking is easy, and you eventually approach the rocks. They take you up and over the ridge, and you approach the summit from the north. Not exactly sure what the views are like, but the rocks are fun to climb on in the wind!



The mood and the weather saw me make a quick retreat, and I was back at the car 1.5 hours after starting.. where I think I had my last smile of the day when I saw a very special gift: a bunch of wild flowers picked and popped under my windscreen wiper :).

Perfect Present :)

Perfect present 🙂

I drove smiling to Mt Barrow, thinking I might see if I’d get there for sunset (no chance) or sunrise. The smile came off my face when I had to negotiate the final bends in the road, marked as ‘no 2wd vehicles past this point’ (wasn’t that bad, but I didn’t know that did I), in rain, with such thick mist I couldn’t see 2 metres ahead, knowing that there was no way of doing a u-turn if I got to a section I couldn’t drive over (I hate reversing), oh, and did I forget the wind? Lets just say, as I parked the car at the top (no way I was going back down after that), set up my mat and bag in the back of the car (so glad I had a roomy car), and lay down to sleep I knew there wouldn’t be much rest, as the car rocked and swayed as it was buffeted by the wind. I dreamt of being swept off, car and all :p!

Read the Mt Barrow account for details of the next morning’s walking.

All up: 4.8km, 1.36hrs, 428m ascent.


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