Wherretts LO: 24 January 2013

Wherretts GPS route

Wherretts GPS route

This was a “I need to go for a walk in the middle of my work week after work because I have itchy feet” walk. I had a friend who also wanted to escape, and so I gave her the option of a nice easy few hours, or the slightly more difficult (for it’s scrubby reputation) and longer Wherretts. Despite the drive, and the late start time (I finished work at 10, so we only started walking at about 1), Wherretts was the choice.


To give it its due, it’s an interesting walk for all the different kinds of terrain you go through. Unfortunately I forgot my camera, so I have a few of Bec’s photos, and I stole her camera when I ran up to the top after she’d struggled on feeling unwell to the point she couldn’t go any further.


Some slightly scrambly bits

Me and some slightly scrambly bits

To get to the start of the walk you drive out to just past Mt Field National Park, taking the Florentine road on the right. You then travel along this some way until you spot some tags on the right side of the road with a track leading off into the bush. It’s at 55 G 460304 5270474. The track takes you through some nice forest for a bit, and then you come out into a more  open bit thats a bit like a valley or somewhere a river might once have flowed. There’s still a bit of a pad with tapes for the initial bit here, but it does taper out. So we just kept following this up, as the terrain changed yet again, there were some scrambly bits that had it been a river once might  have been waterfalls, there was some interesting rock sections where it looked like the topsoil had just been washed away, because when you got to the top of them, you climbed over a rim and were back in forest.

Scrub at the top.. slightly scratchy

Scrub at the top.. slightly scratchy


This forest was different, with lots of those tree type things that look like Pandani but I don’t think are, as well as some cutting grass.. there’s a few tapes through this too, but it’s just as easy to find your own path. Then the nastier stuff begins, and you find yourself pulling your body up over scoparia and cutting grass, which is rather more effort than we bargained for. Bec wasn’t feeling so good, so progress was slow, and we both were very certain we wouldn’t be back. About 80 metres from the top Bec couldn’t go on, so I ducked up quickly  and found a little summit cairn. The scrub reaches almost to the very top so there’s little reprieve.

Summit cairn and view

Summit cairn and view


I took a few snaps on Bec’s camera, and dropped back to pick her up. After a rest and some refuelling, we made our way back slowly, downhill proving to be much easier going. By the time we were back at the car we were ready to be home, or I certainly was… what was hoped to be a quickish afternoon walk had turned into a long 6 hours! If you want a small challenge in a bit of scrub, and feel like walking in some changing terrain, Wherretts is a good choice.

All up: 6.0km, 6.07hrs, 577m ascent.


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