Grey Mountain: 14 May 2013

Grey Mountain GPS route

Grey Mountain GPS route

This was a rather unexpected walk. I’d been moping around, not sleeping too well, and had two days off, but nothing really planned. The weather was looking to be ok on the Monday morning, and a good friend had told me to just get out and go. I said I would, so I had to keep my word.

Fungi as I stepped out of the car

Fungi as I stepped out of the car

Grey Mountain was, apart from Faulkner, the closest and easiest mountain to get up, and I knew there was a road you could drive up to within 400 metres of the summit, which only took another 5-10 minutes to walk up (the road goes the whole way to the top, but there’s a gate that’s usually locked). I thought it might take me an hour or two tops, driving included.. oh how wrong I was!

Burnt out car.. right choice to walk!

Burnt out car.. right choice to walk!

First of all, I was driving along the road from Margate, and my petrol light came on as soon as the road started to deteriorate. I have no idea how big my tank is, and it always seems to chug through the petrol on roads like that so I was a little concerned to start off with, and then the road got more interesting. I got to the point I figured I’d be faster jogging than driving, so I pulled over and hopped out. What was supposed to be a 400m walk one way turned into a 9.4km walk/jog one way! Instead of taking 10-15 minutes to make it to the summit and back it took just under 3 hours for the 18.8km return trip. Not what I was planning, as I wanted to get back to the hospital to see mum, but probably what I needed, as it turned out.

Button grass below Grey

Button grass below Grey

Apparently others have made it up in their AWD’s, but I’m glad I didn’t go much further than I did.. there were some pretty big ponds on the road, and plenty of parts I just wouldn’t have been comfortable driving.. but that’s coming from someone not experienced or comfy driving in those conditions. When I got to a burnt out car that confirmed I’d made the right choice!!

Summit Trig and view

Summit trig and view

So the walk itself isn’t anything too special, all on 4wd tracks, though the button grass plain brought a smile to my face and it was good to be out in the sun after so many days inside all the time.

It is handy to have a rough idea of where you’re going, as there are a few turn offs and side roads that could confuse you, though I don’t know if they’re marked on the map. I had a rough GPS route I’d drawn and that kept me on the right track. The walking itself is not at all difficult, the views are probably better than expected, but nothing really to write home about. If you want close views to Hobart anything near Wellington is probably nicer walking.

One way (up): 9.4km, 1.33hrs, 408m ascent.


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