Brown Mountain (Mount Field): 28 September 2013

Brown Mountain GPS route

Brown Mountain GPS route (car parked at road junction near the end of ‘Holmes Rd’ on map)

I’d felt pretty average all week (I put that down to no walk last weekend due to work), and pretty bad on Thursday and Friday, so my plans of going places on Saturday after work, a club walk on Sunday and something else on Monday were quite uncertain, but me being me said to myself on the Saturday morning, ‘bugger it, I’m going’ knowing I could always turn around if a walk really wasn’t what I needed.. but it seems it might just have been ;)!


The brightly taped tree, marking the track start

The brightly taped tree, marking the track start

Friday and Saturday had been extra busy at work thanks to the football, and the last thing I wanted to do on the Saturday was to have anything to do with it.. so off I took, to one of the few remaining close peaks I hadn’t yet explored. I was quite happy to do so, as I knew it wasn’t far, and the walk itself looked short. In fact, google earth makes it look like you could go for a bit of a round about drive and walk very little distance (with even less climb) if you chose to do so.. but I was going for a WALK, not a DRIVE.. so knowing absolutely nothing about the terrain or the roads, I picked the shortest most direct route, with what could easily have been a 600m scrub bash once I left the road.. Could.. but luckily for me, wasn’t (not that I would have minded much, a scrub bash can do wonders for focusing the mind and body on the task at hand, rather than wandering to matters than can never be solved).


View from the summit, looking back at the path taken

View from the summit, looking back at the path taken

So at 9.30 I left work, and headed off, taking the turn left onto Holmes road, just past Ellendale. The road started off nice and got progressively worse, boggy at first, then rocky and ridgy. One too many dings on the bottom of the car saw me do a 17 point turn (ok, maybe not that much) on the one lane road, and park as far to one side as possible. Off I headed, wondering what I might find.


View towards Mt Field from the summit

View towards Mt Field from the summit

Just as I was thinking I should head off to the left and make a beeline for the summit, and was looking for possible light patches, I came across a very highly taped pad! What a surprise.. and comfort at knowing I was ‘somewhere’ in being ‘nowhere’. 30 or so metres after the start of this pad, if you continued along the road I was on, you intersected a very nice looking gravel road, and if you could figure out just where it started you’d probably have a much nicer drive, and virtually no road walk.


The short climb to the summit made for a lovely little walk, mostly on moss covered rocks, made a tad challenging by the fact I was wearing my old boots that have next door to no tread or grip left.. but it was nice, and the sun came out, and I was on top in no time :). A brief period to have a look towards Mount Field, and then Wylds Craig and Shakespeare and I headed back down.. not wanting to test my luck with the weather. Have to say, I was very impressed with the new One Planet daypack (the only daypack for me now), though a little bit worried about the boot situation.. but a visit in town afterwards might have remedied that ;)!

Mushroom colours :)

Mushroom colours 🙂

Would recommend this to anyone who likes exploring new short walks close-ish to Hobart. 1.3km, 130m ascent, and 20 minutes walk from where I parked my car to the start of the taped track; 1.4km, 155m ascent, and 1 hr walk up and back from the start of the taped track (part of which was spent talking to my wonderful mother on the phone!).


One thought on “Brown Mountain (Mount Field): 28 September 2013

  1. ha ha Bec about the “wonderful mother” bit. Am glad that even short walks close to Hobart still retain the power to clear your head and to make life and well being seem so much happier.


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