Mount Dawson: 28 February 2016

Dawson GPS route

Dawson GPS route

As it just so happened, such a small and fairly insignificant peak, was to be a decent sized milestone – my 600th peak-bagging point! There was no worming out of it either, as I’d put it down on the bushwalking club program.

We prepare to set off into the green stuff

We prepare to set off into the green stuff

As the day approached, the 7 or 8 who had put their names down for what I had expected to be a fairly decent scrub bash with not much reward dwindled to 3. Oh well, it would be a small celebration with two of my favourite walking ‘buddies’ (as my niece would say).


We set off early – always better to err on the side of precaution – timing the drive perfectly with the rain. Even better, we drove as far along the road as we could have, giving us a much shorter distance to walk than expected.

We had views!

We had views!

We geared up, delighted to find the scrub was actually quite dry despite the rain we’d driven through. One surprise followed another and though steep, the walking was much more open than expected, and really delightful.


Up through the forest we walked, marvelling at the changes it underwent, and stopping to enjoy the views when we broke out of the trees (yes, there were views!). Once on top of the climb, we bee-lined in the approximate direction of the high point, deciding that a decent sized cairn must mark the highest point of the otherwise very flat summit.

An unimpressive summit, but a lovely mountain all the same!

An unimpressive summit, but a lovely mountain all the same!

Ben whipped out profiteroles in celebration and we enjoyed them together. We hadn’t done enough work and it wasn’t even slightly close to lunchtime for anything more substantial, so after a bit of a sit and chat we headed back down. We got a bit distracted with conversations of books and prison and all sorts of other things that we took 20 minutes longer for the descent than we had done for the ascent!


We mucked around on the way down – Graham just had to climb this bit of tree root

We had lunch back at the car, and headed home for one of the earliest return times I’ve ever had on a bushwalk!


All up: 3:23hrs with significant breaks, 3.7km, 392m ascent.


Stay tuned – I’ll be posting a bush-tucker post by request ;)!


6 thoughts on “Mount Dawson: 28 February 2016

  1. I’ve just been reading Black Bluff Range, and must say that when we learn not to have expectations, everything in life is much sweeter. Expectations in the way I see westerners have them, is nearly a disease. Every day can throw anything at us. Don’t plan with fulfilment of the plan expected. Plan knowing that the days will be filled with unexpected surprises. Expectations in real life, get in the way of enjoying what we bump into along the way. Adjust as you go, enjoy the journey, not just the destination. Enjoying your site. How often do you walk ?


    • Yes! You’re spot on.

      I don’t get out quite as much as the moment as I’m trying to juggle uni and two jobs as well, so a couple of times a month if I’m lucky. A year ago it was pretty much every weekend!


      • Your shots all look pretty good. Like the colours. I’m using the Fuji X100T for less weight, with a fixed 23mm lens. Mirrorless like yours. That’s all I take walking. Very happy with it. I liked your grasshopper. Funny, I photographed one this summer. Cute. Anita, my partner, has a son Zane. You met him on the Spires walk in January. He is as walk crazy as you. I’m wanting to get out more though! Enjoying your site, and making me jealous !!!


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