Chimera: 14 March 2016

Chimera GPS route

Chimera GPS route


This is going to be a record breaking short blog. It was so long ago there’s not a lot I can remember, and I don’t have many photos (a sum total of two, in fact!). I’d not climbed the Chimera when I’d done Gell the first time, so when we decided to go again the Chimera went on the list for me.

We had the lovely tangly walk in and up to the Hippogriff – which was perhaps worse than last time. Feeling a little bit frustrated and tired, we ditched the idea of a Gell summit camp, and camped just below the Hippogriff near the lovely little tarn there. We summited Gell the following day, and very much enjoyed the views and the weather.

The third and final day was to be out over the Chimera. We only just set off before the morning was over in a successful attempt to avoid most of the rain (and have a sleep in??). Heading off the Hippogriff we took a different route to the way up, and found ourselves being channelled right to avoid going over some very steep and slippery drops, and hoping like anything that the gully would see us through. We didn’t need a dead end!

It did, and we chose a route up the Chimera that pretty much aimed for the centre of the ridge in the hope that it would be least scrubby. It wasn’t. It was scrubby and rocky and clamber and downright slow. And maybe almost not much fun… But we’re both good at stubborn determination and perseverance, and slowly we struggled our way to the top where we enjoyed the views, a wedgie and our lunch. It had taken us 2 hours from camp!

Chimera summit

Chimera summit

View from the summit of the Chimera looking southish

View from the summit of the Chimera looking southish

We hoped for a better way down compared to our way up. And the first part was wonderful – lovely open forest. Then we hit the scrub. And it went on and on, and got thicker not thinner. It was horrible. The way we’d taken up was decidedly better. It was lovely to finally pop out (almost literally), and take the much easier route back to the lake, then the track back to the car.

From camp below the Hippogriff to the Chimera and back out to the car took us more than 6.5 hrs, 7.5km, and 397m ascent.


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