Can you help?

Lonely Planet asked me for a logo today, to go in their latest book on Exploring Tasmania. Of course I had to tell them I didn’t have one and that this was unlikely to change by COB Tuesday. But it got me wondering if there were any adventurous readers out there who would find pleasure in designing a logo for the blog, because it’s probably something worth having into the future and if I know one thing, it’s that all of us walkers have other hidden talents.

I don’t have much to give in return – credit of course, fresh or preserved produce if you live in Tassie, whatever routes or advice you may find helpful on bushwalking in Tassie, or any other suitable arrangement you can come up with. I’m open to pretty much any design that captures the vibe of the blog so feel free to have as much fun as you want 😃! Shoot through any questions or thoughts to beccalunnon @ (obviously without the spaces).

With much appreciation to you all, Becca.

2 Replies to “Can you help?”

  1. Olà Becca,

    I am the “lurker” from far away

    I do not know what your requirements are and if Lonely Planet have some guidelines but I am willing to help but probably not in the time frame that has been set Should it be a photo, should it be a drawing dimensions type of file and probably many more items on the list

    Best regards

    Daniel Dourneau

    PS I put my gmail address as well as, sometimes, email from down under is tempremental and generate errors (our eldest daughter lives in Sydney, so I am used to problems with mails)


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