Tanina Bluff: 30 December 2012

Road to Tanina Peak

Road to Tanina Bluff

And to finish off the three, it’s only fair that Tanina Bluff follows Platform Peak and Mount Dromedary. This one goes by various names, including the ‘Walk of Shame’ and the ‘Everest of Tasmania’, in reference to its stature! Nevertheless, it’s worth one peakbagging point according to the Hobart Walking Club list.

Track to Tanina Peak

Track to Tanina Bluff

There is no track to the summit, and the 4wd tracks marked on the map have degraded somewhat, so that in parts you might be following what looks like a road, only to find it disappears completely a little while later. However the scrub isn’t so bad, just enough to make you work for your point!

The way we headed up was pretty good. We came back a slightly different way to see if the thing that might have been a road on Google Earth was actually a road – it wasn’t, and I wouldn’t recommend following that part of the path up hill! It was steeper and scrubbier, but coming down meant that didn’t matter so much.

On the ridge line looking towards Tanina summit

On the ridge line looking towards Tanina summit

To get to the start we drove through Brighton and Broadmarsh to Elderslie, where we turned left onto Bluff Road. We drove along the road for around about 7km, where we turned left and immediately parked the car. The track onto which we turned has a built up mound like a giant speed bump to stop further progress by car (not that it would be too helpful as the road deteriorates shortly afterwards). We continued along the remains of the road, and then proceeded to choose the path of least resistance, occasionally coming across bits that looked like remnants of road, while trying to stick close-ish to the ‘track’ marked on the gps and the map.

Summit cairn

Summit cairn and Shaz 🙂

When we reached the ridge we’d chosen to climb to the summit, we were on a grassy opening. The approach was straightforward, avoiding the scrub and sticking to the rocks. I’d probably grade it easier than the walk up, as the scrub was lower and the rocks made for easy going. Not the best of views on the summit, but there was a cairn and a fallen/pulled down metal tower..

Not needing to linger, we took a few photos and headed back down.

All up: 2.28 hrs, 5.7km, 481m ascent for the walk of shame!