Arthur, Mt: 2 April 2013

Mt Arthur GPS track

Mt Arthur GPS track

This was the second walk for the day, and the final of four walks for the Easter escape. The sun had come out, and almost all hint of cloud and mist of the night before and the morning had disappeared. Always amazes me how that can happen, and so quickly. One moment you’re in the thick of it and can’t imagine anything else, and the next it’s gone, left behind.

Man-made installations on top

Man-made installations on top

Arthur is easy enough to get to, turning off Lilydale road onto Mountain road and following it along. However I’m not sure if the walk description is the same. I drove along Mountain Road until you get to a sign that states no parking past that point, maybe 10-20 metres before the sign is a small clearing, maybe big enough for 3 cars, on the left of the road, and I parked here.

Summit cairn

Summit cairn

A short walk along the road brings you to a sign, stating that the Arthur track heads off to the right, up and into the open forest. Sure enough, there’s plenty of new looking tapes to follow. I just ignored anything in the Abels, as it didn’t make sense to what I was seeing, and followed the track. It takes you through a longish walk in forest, with the rocks eventually starting to break out. When you do finally pop out into the open, it’s still a decent way to the actual summit. There’s plenty of man made installations to keep you busy thinking, not to mention the ok views (somewhat flatter than the views I’m used to).

Track and moss covered cairns

Track and moss covered cairns

There’s a giant cairn at the far end of the top, with a log book. I couldn’t resist climbing up on top to write something down, can’t remember what now, only retreating when the wind started to get too cold.

It was an ok walk, quite easy but longer than most, with nothing too unremarkable.. or maybe my mind was on other things.. seeing mum later that day? I do remember some nice moss covered cairns though, and thinking I should start a cairn photo collection, which I’ve yet to do!

All up: 8.3km, 2.51hrs, 703m ascent.


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